Thank You State Conventions!

At the recent Executive Committee meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in February in Nashville, Dr. Frank Page shared that the leaders of our State Conventions recently voted unanimously to move as quickly as possible to a 50/50 split in Cooperative Program allocation between the State and National Convention in order to get more resources to the nations where 1.6 billion have still never heard the name of Jesus. I want to say thank you and add an enthusiastic applause to this historic decision. Thank you my brothers! It is a demonstration of great courage and commitment that both challenges and humbles me. Such a move no doubt will involve sacrifice and hard decisions. It will require our leaders to be radical for the glory of King Jesus and the good of the nations. However one thing is certain: God will honor this BOLD declaration as it is implemented across our SBC family.

Such a bold move on the part of our State Executives should inspire greater commitment and sacrifice among all Southern Baptists. Local churches should be inspired to give more (much more!) to the Cooperative Program. Church members should be inspired to give more to their local churches as her passion for the Great Commission and the 6,800 unreached people groups brings about new priorities.

Couple this with 1) a growing heart for the unreached and underserved areas of North America, 2) the passion of Kevin Ezell to work with others to do something about this, 3) the nomination of Tom Elliff to lead our IMB, and 4) the growing numbers of seminary students who sense God’s call to the nations and the tough regions of North America, and we all have reason to be encouraged and hopeful about the future. I want to live and die a Great Commission Christian. It seems to me many more want to do the same! To God be the glory! May He make it happen!

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  1. Tommy   •  

    Would this include both conventions in Virginia and Texas or just newer conventions in each state?

  2. Danny Akin   •  

    Just the newer ones.

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