Spurgeon on Leadership (13): Six Lessons on Leadership for a World in Crisis

1. A nation looks to its leaders for guidance and direction in times of national crisis. At the young age of twenty-three, Spurgeon was requested to lead a special prayer service for the country in a time of trouble in India.

2. A Christian leader to whom people look for guidance must bring people together to seek God’s aid and unite their hearts and minds in prayer. Spurgeon was resolute in leading the country toward worship of God as they sought His divine help and intervention.

3. For a Christian leader to call for national repentance that no ob­struction might impede God’s granting a nation’s request for divine assistance is appropriate. Spurgeon called on the nation to repent at the same time that he called for divine justice against the perpetrators of violence.

4. In times of national crisis, leaders give comfort and show compas­sion to the victims who have suffered greatly. Spurgeon led the as­sembly at the Crystal Palace to demonstrate compassion for the hurting ones by raising funds for the victims of the upheaval in India.

5. The leader who is thrust into the national spotlight at a time of national crisis bears a grave responsibility because people look to him for help in understanding the situation. Spurgeon voiced the outrage that people were feeling about the murderous insurrection in India, and he promised God’s justice according to His Word.

6. In times of national crisis, the Christian leader has an obligation before God to point to the hope that lies in Jesus Christ.

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