Spurgeon on Leadership (9): Nine Lessons on Creativity

1. A creative God calls creative leaders to exercise creativity in their work for His kingdom. Spurgeon believed fully in infinite possibili­ties and used all of his creative energies to communicate the gospel.

2. The message of the gospel does not change, but the manner of its presentation may be adapted according to the situation. Spurgeon said, “I am not very scrupulous about the means I use for doing good. I would preach standing on my head, if I thought I could convert your souls.”

3. A leader is not obligated to observe conventions simply as a mat­ter of compliance. They should be retained only if the cause merits it. Spurgeon thought that conventions, if they stood in the way of kingdom progress, were a sin.

4. A leader’s personal distinctions should be determined by their align­ment with his goals for the organization. Spurgeon pursued many innovative methods because he believed them to be essential to spread­ing the gospel.

5. A leader can be as creative as possible as long as it doesn’t com­promise the message of the gospel. Spurgeon would go to any length to communicate the gospel to his hearers, whether it was throwing tracts from train windows or advertising his services through secular media.

6. A leader should check his motivation regarding the effect that he seeks to create through his particular style of ministry. Spurgeon’s aim was to bring glory to God, not to attract people to himself.

7. A leader’s creativity should be a reflection of his own gifts and abili­ties. Spurgeon’s ministry with innovative applications was a fulfillment of the faithful and creative application of his spiritual gifts.

8. Being creative can be risky business for some unsuspecting lead­ers. Spurgeon was savvy enough to employ innovations that were bol­stered by his popular support, not trite or trivial, and consistent with the principles of Scripture.

9. Leaders who are discoverers and innovators are worthy of honor. Spurgeon, speaking of missionary founder William Carey, stated: “All God’s true servants were innovators. Those that turned the world upside down were the very descendants of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

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