A Prayer Request for the Nations

I would ask those who read this blog to be in prayer for a mission team that just arrived in India.

They will be working with missionaries in an area where there are 54,000 cities, towns, and villages. 48,000 of those have no Christians and no missionaries to tell them of the good news of the gospel of King Jesus. In that context, I recently tracked down 30 of the largest unreached and unengaged people groups in the world. The numbers are staggering. Please consider taking a moment to read through the list, focusing on the massive numbers of people who have little or no opportunity to hear the gospel. Unless something changes, most of them will never encounter a church, a Christian, or a Bible.

People Group



Algerian, Arabic-speaking Algeria 24,526,000
Arab, Moroccan Morocco 13,531,000
Arab, Saudi-Hijazi Saudi Arabia 8,207,000
Arab, Saudi-Najdi Saudi Arabia 10,943,000
Arain, Muslim Pakistan 10,663,000
Azerbaijani, Azeri Turk Iran 14,711,000
Baloch, Eastern Pakistan 7,660,000
Bania India 25,717,000
Bhil India 13,371,000
Brahman India 54,955,000
Chamar India 48,011,00
Hui China 12,646,000
Jat, Muslim Pakistan 32,013,000
Kapu India 14,613,000
Koiri India 7,050,00
Kumhar India 13,702,000
Kurd, Kurmanji India 8,141,000
Kurmi India 16,469,000
Lohar India 8,398,000
Mahratta India 26,325,000
Mahratta Kunbi India 6,556,000
Malay, Peninsular Malaysia 8,605,000
Mali India 8,490,000
Mappila India 8,844,000
Nai India 10,531,000
Pashtun, Northern Pakistan 22,522,000
Rajput, Muslim Pakistan 16,922,000
Santal India 7,694,000
Shaikh Bangladesh 132,950,000
Shaikh India 73,079,000
Shaikh Pakistan 12,230,000
Somali Somalia 7,877,000
Turk Turkey 52,739,000
Uyghur China 10,833,000
Yadav India 54,272,000

Will we pray? Will we give? And… who will go? We truly should pray not, “Lord, should I go?” No, we should rather pray, “Lord, why should I stay!!”

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  1. keijo   •  

    Thank you and pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine and of resistance forces,let the Lord give rest and victory in him,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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