Akin’s Passion for a Great Commission Resurgence

Southeastern Seminary President Danny Akin has written a guest post for the sharefaith blog. His topic is the “Why I Am Passionate for a Great Commission Resurgence among God’s People.”

In his post, Akin concludes,

It is time for Christians in America to get serious about the Great Commission. It is time to be “radical!” Pitiful excuses that are myopic and territorial need to cease. There needs to be genuine repentance and brokenness over a callous heart that has grown cold to the masses who have never heard the gospel and who have no access to it. Such a movement must begin one by one with each one of us. It will begin in individual hearts. I am praying that this passion will grip my heart and soul now and until the day I stand before the Lord Jesus and give an account for the life that He gave me. Like my friend John Piper, I do not want to leave a wasted life. I hope you don’t either!

Read the whole thing at the sharefaith blog.

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  1. Martin   •  

    Finally, it is great to meet someone else that feels the same way I do about Christians not being ashamed about whom they are in Christ so that they may get on with their calling of the great Commission. Your words are anointed and filled with power. God Bless you. I have added your site to my blogroll if you don’t mind.

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