Mark Rooker on Ezekiel

I will have to work hard to avoid writing a book notice that is not an extended piece of unctuous flattery, in light of the fact that Mark Rooker was one of my favorite professors at Southeastern back in the mid-90s. He managed to be both an engaging classroom instructor, known for his (desperately) dry wit, and a serious research scholar at the same time. The 2010 Korean translation of Mark Rooker’s Ezekiel provides fresh opportunity to draw attention to his original work. Published in 2005 for the Holman Old Testament Commentary series, Rooker’s Ezekiel is a concise and insightful commentary on a biblical book many find daunting. Written for pastors and laypersons, Ezekiel provides a clear structure for the book and appropriate main ideas for each section. Using this commentary will aid any Christian’s effort to eat and enjoy the book of Ezekiel (3:1-3).

As with other commentaries in the series, the book is intended for pastors and lay Bible teachers, and is arranged and written in a manner accessible to them. He provides a concise treatment of the purpose, meaning, and importance of Ezekiel, followed by an exposition of the text. In the exposition, one finds succinct summaries of the main themes or lessons for each textual unit, concise elucidations of grammatical issues, historical facts, and discussion points, and references to comments made by great theologians and commentators of times past. This format makes the book especially helpful for pastors and Bible teachers.

Ezekiel 1:1-28 – God Reveals Himself to Ezekiel

Ezekiel 2:1-3:15 – The Call of God

Ezekiel 3:16-5:17- Dedication to Ministry

Ezekiel 6:1-7:27 – No Place for Pride

Ezekiel 8:1-11:25 – God Should Be First

Ezekiel 12:1-15:8 – False Prophets

Ezekiel 16:1-17:24 – The Peril of Forgetting God

Ezekiel 18:1-20:44 – All Must Repent

Ezekiel 20:45-24:27 – The Judgment of God

Ezekiel 25:1-32:32 – Every Knee Shall Bow

Ezekiel 33:1-34:31 – The Lord is My Shepherd

Ezekiel 35:1-36:38 – Hallowed Be Thy Name

Ezekiel 37:1-39:29 – One Nation Under God

Ezekiel 40:1-46:24 – And the Word Became Flesh

Ezekiel 47:1-48:35 – And Dwelt Among Us

If you are a prospective seminary student (undergrad, master’s, doctoral), allow me to invite you to study with Mark Rooker at Southeastern. Dr. Rooker is Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Southeastern and holds a Ph.D. from Brandeis University and has completed additional studies at Hebrew University (Jerusalem). He served on faculty at Dallas Theological Seminary from 1988 to 1992 and Criswell College from 1992 to 1996. He is the author of several books including Leviticus in the New American Commentary and Biblical Hebrew in Transition: The Language of the Book of Ezekiel.

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