Briefly Noted: Justin Taylor, Tim Brister, and Trevin Wax

Today was a particularly fruitful day for the blogosphere, in my opinion. Of the several blogs I peruse regularly, three had posts I would like to note briefly.

First, over at Between Two Worlds, Justin Taylor linked to Andy Naselli’s post at Reformation 21, entitled, “Why You Should Organize Your Personal Theological Library and a Way How,” which is worth a look. For those of you who haven’t discovered Justin Taylor’s blog yet, shame on you (or shame on me for not informing you sooner). Between Two Worlds provides links to the best blogposts and multimedia in the evangelical blogosphere. If you can only visit one website a day, this might be the one.

Second, over at Provocations and Pantings, Tim Brister offers “Johnny Hunt, Calvinism, and the Past Ten Years of My Life,” which is an interesting and unexpected story about his encounters with Johnny Hunt over the years. I enjoyed the video clip he provides and the blogpost.

Third, over at Kingdom People, Trevin Wax waxes eloquently about “Inerrancy and Baggage.” What he says in this post needed to be said.

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  1. Martie   •  

    Thanks for the links. I have downloaded Zotero and my secretary is now entering all of my books. This is something that I have wanted to do for some time, but didn’t know of a good way to do it.

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