A Life-Changing Experience in Sudan

In early May, Charlotte and I had the honor and joy of going to Sudan. It was one of those life changing experiences! 1631, most of them walking (!), came together from Congo, Uganda and Sudan for a Pastors/Bible Conference. 171 were baptized. One new church was started under mango trees! And, the American team was changed forever.

At the Pastors’ Conference at the SBC in Orlando, I shared a brief 5 minute video that beautifully captures what God did on our trip. To view this video, click here. I hope that it blesses, convicts, inspires and moves you to greater sacrifice and obedience in your love for Christ and in your passion for the Great Commission that all the nations might come to the feet and worship the Great King whose name is Jesus!

God bless and have a great summer in your service to our Savior.

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  1. Roger Simpson   •  

    Dr Akin:

    Where was that video taken?

    I thought that Southern Sudan was war-torn and in chaos. The scenes in the video do not appear to depict an area where there is a shortage of food and where people are displaced and living in camps.

    What town is that new school being built in?

    Evidently the work going on there is a joint venture between several groups — including Prestonwood. Is the IMB involved? Are any other SBC churches involved?

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