Two Important New Pro-GCR Articles

Dr. Frank Page, who currently serves as Vice President for Evangelism at North American Mission Board (and is very likely the next President of the Executive Committee), has written an endorsement of the GCR titled “I Believe One Can Stand and Vote for This Final Report and be a Supporter of the Cooperative Program.” This article is important for two reasons. First, Dr. Page has long been recognized as a Cooperative Program champion, so his endorsement carries considerable weight. Second, he tackles one of the most common misconceptions about the GCR–that it is really a move to undermine the CP. This claim is utter balderdash, so we’re pleased to see Dr. Page weigh in on this topic.

Dr. David Dockery, who serves as President of Union University, has written an endorsement titled “A Great Commission Resurgence: Toward a Both/And Vision for the SBC.” This article is vintage Dockery because it is comprehensive, balanced, and irenic. We wish more Southern Baptists shared Dr. Dockery’s love for the Great Commission and the Great Commandment, his commitment to taking every thought captive to Christ, and his appreciation for Southern Baptist history and identity.

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  1. Louis   •  

    I just read Dr. Page’s endorsement of the GCR task force report. I believe that Dr. Page’s thoughts are worth reading and right on the mark.

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