David Platt: Why I Wholeheartedly Support the GCRTF Report. . . and More

We at BtT want to make you aware of David Platt’s new blogpost, “Why I Wholeheartedly Support the GCRTF Report. . . and More,” published at http://www.pray4gcr.com/. Below is a sneak peek (the first paragraph) of Platt’s post:

In what follows, I want to express why I wholeheartedly support the final report from the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force of the Southern Baptist Convention. Since the report was released, much discussion has ensued concerning whether or not the recommendations in this report are healthy for the future of the Southern Baptist Convention. To be perfectly honest, that is not my concern at all. Although I believe the arguments articulated by the task force concerning the health of their recommendations are more than sufficient, in the end my concern is not really about what is healthy for the Southern Baptist Convention. My concern is much different. Let me explain.”

To read the post in its entirety, click here.

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  1. Les Puryear   •  

    Sorry guys, but a pastor whose church only gives 0.35% to CP is not a compelling endorsement.

  2. Ron Sweatt   •  

    Don’t mean this disrespectfully, but having had the privilege of studying under Dr. Platt at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary I believe his endorsement is huge. Also, you need to check your facts. Their most recent budget includes an over ten-fold increase in CP giving above what you have mentioned. They are giving over 15% more (according to their most recent budget) to make the glory of Christ known in all nations through their “Radical Experiment” initiative. How does this compare to the average church? How does it compare to your church? How does it compare to what you are giving to spread the Gospel in all nations? Praying for you and for our Convention in this critical time.

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