O. S. Hawkins on the SBC, the CP, & the GCR

Yesterday, O. S. Hawkins (President and CEO of Guidestone) published a brief article about future of the SBC and the vote at this year’s convention in Orlando. Hawkins is, in my estimation, one of the SBC’s wisest statesmen, and has some helpful insight into the SBC, the GCR, and the Cooperative Program. Here are the first few lines of his article:

Throughout my decades in Southern Baptist life and leadership it has been my joy to know and love men on both sides of the denominational divide; both before, during and now after the “conservative resurgence.” In my present calling at GuideStone we have the privilege of serving everyone in SBC life and since we do not receive any cooperative program dollars we have no personal profit in whatever comes from the GCR report and vote. However, being saved in a Southern Baptist church, being educated in a Southern Baptist seminary, pastoring four wonderful Southern Baptist churches and now leading a Southern Baptist institution I have a keen interest and concern for the future of Southern Baptists at this crucial and critical juncture in our journey.

To access the rest of the article, click here.

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