GCR or CPR? Jon Akin’s Recent Blogpost at B21

We at BtT would like to make you aware of Jon Akin’s recent blogpost, “GCR or CPR? What Are We Voting for in Orlando?” In the post, Akin refers to two paths in the SBC. Here is a sample of his thoughts:

One path is the “Great Commission Resurgence” (GCR) vision set forth by the GCRTF and their recommendations. The other path has been coined as the “Cooperative Program Resurgence” (CPR). These two competing paths are not about who is “for” or “against” the Great Commission. One can be against the GCR and still for the Great Commission (and vice versa). The question is not who is “for” and “against” the Great Commission. The real question is two-fold for Southern Baptists: 1) How do we define the Great Commission? 2) How do we most effectively accomplish it? That is what we are voting on in Orlando this June.

To access the full post, click here.

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