Worth Your Time to Check out New Group Blog

Now here is an interesting addition to the blogosphere. Missions at Southeastern is a group blog providing live reports and insights from our students living and serving around the world, missiological reflections by theologians, missiologists, and practitioners, as well as access to useful mission resources.

Next week (April 29-May 9), Danny Akin will be providing real-time updates as he travels through Africa training national pastors. Next month (May 15 – June 7), Greg Mathias will be providing updates as he travels though Central and East Asia; Scott Hildreth will be posting a series, “Lessons from the Grave,” which is an interaction with missional Christians from the past who can help us meet contemporary challenges; and Greg Mathias will be posting a series, “Road Block to Missionary Service.” Other contributors will include George Robinson and Alvin Reid, as well as other faculty, staff, and students.

The Center for Great Commission Studies, the sponsor of Missions at Southeastern, invites you to visit the site, connect through RSS feed, and comment as often as you would like.

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