Southeastern Welcomes New Faculty Michael Travers and Greg Welty

We at BtT would like to welcome Drs. Michael Travers and Greg Welty to the faculty at Southeastern.

Dr. Travers has been appointed Professor of English in The College at Southeastern and Fellow of The Center for Faith & Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Travers comes to Southeastern from Louisiana College where has served as the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College.

Dr. Travers is the author of The Devotional Experience in the Poetry of John Milton and Encountering God in the Psalms, the co-author of Face to Face with God: Human Images of God in the Bible, and editor of C. S. Lewis: Views from Wake Forest. He received his Honours B. A. and M. A. from McMaster University, Post-Baccalaureate from the University of Western Ontario, and Ph. D. from Michigan State University.

Dr. Welty has been appointed to the faculty as Associate Professor of Philosophy at Southeastern. Dr. Welty comes to our campus from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he has served as Assistant Professor of Philosophy. Dr. Welty comes with a credibly furrowed brow, as he completed his B. A. in Philosophy from UCLA, his M. Div. from Westminster Theological Seminary, and his M. Phil. and D. Phil. from University of Oxford.

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  1. Dougald   •  

    Great News!!!

    BTW, I am eager to see more under the “credibly furrowed brows” tag.

  2. Brent Hobbs   •  

    Is ‘credibly furrowed brow’ an official academic designation? And when will Southeastern launch that particular degree program?

  3. Justin   •  

    What an outrage?

    Did anyone ask Dr. Welty about the neo-fregeanism heresy that he holds to? What about the semanticist heresy? It would be one thing if he would have followed the Kaplanites and their thinking and rejected the Burgeists and the Donnellanians, but to be a semanticisit and neo-fregean to boot just seems too much.

    I’m sad to see that SEBTS is now an outpost of this semanticist plague of the Donnellaneans. Maybe some day we can bring him over to the pragmaticist side along with the neo-millians and neo-russellians.

    (I hope you enjoy Wake Forest Dr. Welty!)

  4. Greg Welty   •  

    Spoken like a true PhD student!

    Actually, Justin, they didn’t ask me anything about philosophy in my interviews last fall. Instead, Dr. Akin said, “Greg, do you aspire to someday attain to the systematic insight of a McKinion, the physical prowess of a Reid, the gravitas of a Keathley, the eagerness of an Ashford, and the wiliness of a Finn?”

    I said yes, and that was that.

  5. Rachel   •  

    Dr. Ashford great article. I think it needs the pronoun “he” in it. And yay!!! Our beloved Dr. Travers is here!!

  6. Mike Parks   •  

    This is great! Can I safely assume the new prof will be contributing toward the teaching of the new MA in Philosophy of Religion degree?

  7. Bruce Ashford   •     Author

    Dougald and Brent, we all know that Welty has great eyebrows.

  8. Bruce Ashford   •     Author

    Justin, we appreciate the heads up on the heresies.
    Mike, yep. Welty is one of the main profs in the new M. A. in Philosophy of Religion.

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