Please Pray for Cecil Sherman (Updated)

Cecil Sherman was a longtime Southern Baptist pastor and was the founding coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. In retirement, Dr. Sherman has taught at the Baptist Theological Seminary of Richmond. Because of his role as the key leader among moderate Southern Baptists, his autobiography, By My Own Reckoning (Smyth & Helwys, 2008), is one of the most important primary sources related to the era of the Conservative Resurgence. On April 15, Dr. Sherman suffered a massive heart attack; his health has been unstable for the past several years. You can read about it at Associated Baptist Press. We would urge you to pray for Dr. Sherman and his family.

Update: Dr. Sherman has passed away. The Religious Herald has published an obituary, which includes the funeral arrangements.

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  1. David R. Brumbelow   •  

    As a conservative, involved in the SBC Conservative Resurgence, I bought and read Dr. Sherman’s book. I actually bought the book after reading a review of it by Dr. Paige Patterson.

    While Dr. Sherman and I would obviously disagree on important issues, I think he was an outstanding Christian scholar and gentleman. While he no longer needs our prayer, may God’s blessings be on his family and loved ones.
    David R. Brumbelow

  2. Ron Harvey   •  

    When I was a student at SWBTS in the 80’s Cecil Sherman told Jerry Sutton, (then pastor of Wedgewood Baptist Church and an adjunct professor of Evangelism at SWBTS) another student and myself, that the $225,000 that his church gave to the CP did more than the 16 baptisms that Jerry had at his church. About fell out of my chair!

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