J. D. Greear’s “Breaking the Islam Code”

We at BtT would like to make you aware of a new book, Breaking the Islam Code, written by J. D. Greear. There are four reasons in particular why you want to click here in order to purchase the book and read it immediately.

First, the book is a fine consideration of how to answer the questions of our Muslim neighbors. While Muslims often ask why Christians would believe a Bible that has been “corrupted and changed” or why we would “believe in three gods,” Greear argues that we should not focus on those questions per se, but instead hone in on the questions behind the questions. In a nutshell, he recommends studying the major stories of Scripture with Muslims so that they can understand the unfolding biblical drama and behold the beauty of Christ and his salvation.

Second, the book is an example of how to draw upon the church fathers, as he utilizes the Patristic doctrine of theosis to provide an explanation of Christian salvation that is both faithful and meaningful to the Muslim ear.

Third, as JD writes on the Breaking the Islam Code website, “My favorite part of the book is this–on the back cover I have two recommendations back to back: one from Mark Driscoll, the other from Paige Patterson. My book is a uniter.”

Fourth, the cover of the book is colored in a shade of lavender/fuschia, which is JD’s favorite color.

There you have it folks. Breaking the Islam Code is theologically sound, historically aware, is an evangelical uniter, and is a nice shade of fuschia. It is well worth your $11.99.

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