Our Best Is Yet To Be

As President of the Southern Baptist Convention, I must confess I have never been more excited about our future as a family. The needs that we see arising is a constant reminder that none of us can do alone what we are called to do as a community. I believe as each individual state and local association begin to share their personal needs, it will help all of us to realize that we must once again embrace the true meaning of sacrifice. I am only one pastor, but I must not shrink from my personal responsibility to lead the people that I influence to engage in an Acts 1:8 strategy.

Some of our state conventions will seem at an overwhelming loss, especially as it pertains to the cooperative agreements. However, as we address these issues together, especially as it pertains to our pioneer states, I believe the cry will be heard, maybe more clearly and louder than ever, for Southern Baptists to rise and meet the greatest challenges ever. I believe we are positioning the Southern Baptist Convention, as it pertains to funding, in such a way that will create greater generosity.

We have known great days in our Southern Baptist Convention, but it is more than just mere words when I say, “our best is yet to be.” It has been said, “God rarely requires what is easily released.” I feel Southern Baptists have been in somewhat of a comfort zone. Now many are listening and watching to see just how serious we are about the unreached, unengaged, and the under-served of this nation and the nations of the world. I pledge with all of the loyalty of my heart to challenge every pastor that will listen to do their best in supporting our Cooperative Program, believing that it will cause the entire convention to rise, even in this economy, to give their greatest gifts ever. All of us must do more, and as we do, we will have greater resources to pierce the darkness for the express purpose that God may be glorified, His kingdom may be enlarged, and the church will be edified.

God help this to become a reality for it is more than just words. It is a voiced prayer in Jesus name. Please pray with us that God give us wisdom from heaven as we work together as a family to embrace the Great Commission in a way that God will be glorified.

God Bless,
Pastor Johnny

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