Distance Learning Options at Southeastern

We at BtT would like to take a moment make you aware of the distance-learning options at Southeastern. Many of you have commitments to family, work and ministry that make it impossible for you to attend our main campus at Wake Forest for the entirety of your particular degree program. To meet these real needs, an innovative system of delivering theological education to the student has been developed that is academically sound, ministry focused and Christ centered through the use of online classes, extension center, hybrid format classes and short-term intensives. Students can combine online and extension center classes with hybrids and five-day break classes to earn an entire degree with only a limited amount of time at our main campus.

The most recent development in this system is the use of what we call “Hybrids”. Hybrid classes begin each semester with online materials and include a weekend with the professor at our Wake Forest campus. Students spend time in discussion groups, have Q&A time and interact with the most current issues in each field. After the weekend with the professor, students complete the class with the online materials. This allows student the flexibility of distance learning plus face-to-face time with our faculty and on campus credit for the class.

There are multiple options for taking advantage of distance learning in earning your degree at SEBTS:

  • The Master of Arts in Christian Studies can be done entirely at the Tampa Extension Center
  • The Associate of Divinity degree may be earned entirely via distance learning.
  • Masters of Divinity students may earn up to 30 hours via distance learning.
  • Undergraduate students may also incorporate up to 30 hours via distance learning.

The staff in our Distance Learning Office (Director, Dr. John Ewart; Assistant Director, Jerry Lassetter; and Administrative Staff, Sandy Herrera and Kristi Emme) would be happy to discuss a plan for taking distance learning classes that will suit your needs. They are available by email at distancelearning@sebts.edu or by phone (919)761-2269. Further information is also available on our website at http://sebts.edu/distance.

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