Does God Hate Haiti?

Sometimes Christians with a public platform say foolish and irresponsible things that gain international attention and bring significant embarrassment to the cause of Christ and His gospel. Such is the case again with Pat Robertson’s declaration that God judged Haiti with an earthquake for having swore a pact with the devil in the 18th century to escape French rule and oppression. Such an outrageous statement quickly made its way around the world. I am currently in Kenya and heard about it almost as soon as it left his lips. Setting aside the dubious and questionable nature of whether the Haitians ever made such a pact, the theological error wrapped up in this statement can scarcely be overstated. If you would like to read a more carefully balanced assessment that is biblically sound and theologically responsible, let me direct you Al Mohler’s blog and his article entitled, “Does God Hate Haiti?” It is a dangerous thing to speak for God when He has not spoken. It is something we should never presume to do.

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  1. Virginia Marstin   •  

    I absolutely agree. I’m extremely thankful that someone took the time to comment on such an outrageous comment. Thank you!

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