Jesus and the Economic Recession

Robbie Sagers has written an excellent article titled “Jesus and the Economic Recession” for Evangel, an evangelical blog affiliated with First Things. An excerpt:

Financially, these are certainly not the best of times. The temptation comes to “save up” in times of hardship, with intentions of “giving more” when one is able. What’s needed in such a situation is what’s always needed in instances of delayed obedience-that is, swift repentance.

A poor economy provides believers with the opportunity to proclaim something the church has always believed-that is, that we don’t worship the god of Mammon. We worship the God of Jesus Christ.

And in such times, Christians are able to show their love for all men, and especially to those in their own household (Gal 6:10). It’s one thing to show love for the poverty-stricken across the ocean. (And we should.) It’s another to show love for the poverty-stricken across the church foyer.

In giving sacrificially, and joyfully, we proclaim that Jesus is Lord. Economies swell and recede. The kingdom, though, will never fail. And those who have entered the kingdom will never fail to give.

Read the whole thing here.

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