The Future of the Southern Baptist Convention (Conclusion)

Recently I was studying the life of the wonderful C.I.M. missionary James Fraser. A brilliant engineer and gifted pianist, he left the comforts of England to spend his adult life in Western China among the Lisu people. Today more than 300,000 follow Jesus! What moved him to make such a radical, life changing decision? It was a small tract entitled “Do Not Say”, placed in his hands in 1906 when he was only 20 years old. Hear the words that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of believers among a rural mountain people group that had no hope until James Fraser came to help them.

“A command has been given: ‘Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.’ It has not been obeyed. More than half the people in the world have never yet heard the Gospel. What are we to say to this? Surely it concerns us Christians very seriously. For we are the people who are responsible …”

“If our Master returned today to find millions of people un-evangelised, and looked as of course He would look, to us for an explanation, I cannot imagine what explanation we should have to give … Of one thing I am certain – that most of the excuses we are accustomed to make with such good conscience now, we should be wholly ashamed of then.” (Do Not Say)

These words haunt me. I hope they haunt you. They moved James Fraser to live out the Great Commission. I pray they move me. I pray they move you. I pray they move Southern Baptist. If they do, our future is bright. If they don’t, we do not deserve a future.

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