A Brief Note to Our Readers

We at Between the Times are grateful for each of you who take the time to read our articles. We’ve been blessed during 2009 with a handful of guest contributors, several new regular contributors, and thousands of new readers. It has been a good year. As Christmas approaches, we wanted you to know that we will be closing shop December 25 through the end of the year so that all of us can spend time with our families and take a brief break from blogging. In between now and then, we will continue to post at least one article each day.

Lord willing, you can expect Dr. Akin to finish his series on “The Future of the Southern Baptist Convention” with a new article first thing every morning between now and Christmas Eve (with the exception of this coming Sunday). Tomorrow afternoon we will publish an article by Dr. Nelson reflecting on the recent death of his mother. Next week, I hope to unveil the long-delayed conclusion to my “Fifteen Factors That Have Changes the SBC since 1979” series.

In addition to this planned material, at any point between now and then, additional contributors may show up as well. Dr. Ashford may write something insightful about missiology. Dr. Reid may offer some more encouragement to student ministers. Dr. Greear may attempt to further exegete our denominational structure. Dr. Stetzer may give a plug for church planting and church revitalization. Dr. Keathley may even tell us all about his new book that advocates a Molinist approach to the relationship between God’s sovereignty and human responsibility.

We hope each of you has a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

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