1. iMark   •  

    Thank you for this sentence.

    We at BtT would encourage you to read the Manhattan Declaration and, if it resonates with your convictions, consider signing the declaration.

    It did not resonate with my convictions and it is nice to see this statement of understanding.

  2. Steve Loeffler   •  

    Dear Dr. Aiken,

    Please take your name off the signer list seeing it a compromise to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Stand with the true gospel first, then against the evils of our land.

    The gospel resurgence is only as good as we are faithful to the gospel in all our religious associations.

    Please view my blog for more: broadriverbaptistchurch.blogspot.com

  3. J. Scott Bridger   •  

    The opening sentence is strong, however, it might be stronger if there was mention of a 4000 year history dating back to God’s choice of Abraham. His faith is our faith and should be the starting point of sharing the story of what God is doing in and through his people. Other than this, a great statement.

  4. Robert Stewart M.D.   •  

    I have reviewed the primary points. I appreciate men of Christan faith who take a stand and are not intimidated by politicians who no longer appreciate the sanctity of human life, and many of whom care more about the inhumane treatment of animals, than the murder of unborn children.

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