How to Prepare for Corporate Worship

My local church, the First Baptist Church of Durham, has a cool ministry that I thought I would pass on. Every Thursday our assistant pastor, Eric Campbell, posts a brief worship guide titled “Preparing for Worship” at our church’s website. This document tells the congregation who will be preaching that coming Lord’s Day and from what text. It also lists other individuals who will be leading in worship in various ways, the hymns that will be sung, etc. In addition, Eric also gives some guidance in how to pray for the service, provides some devotional thoughts, and points out some relevant Scripture passages to reflect upon. I would encourage you to consider a similar ministry in your own church. You can click here to read this week’s worship guide. I hope you have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow.

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  1. Bill Nettles   •  

    My preaching pastor, Lee Tankersley, also posts a worship guide on the Cornerstone Community Church website every Wednesday or Thursday. Unfortunately, I don’t believe we keep an archive of previous weeks.

    It’s great preparation for the service and the sermon. Some people use it in family worship times and sing through the songs.

    If anyone is near Jackson, TN, over Thanksgiving, Ray van Neste will be preaching for us on Psalm 100.

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