1. Roger K. Simpson   •  

    The first of the two audio clips has a problem because it is only about ten seconds long.

    The second of the two audio clips is OK. One thing I learned on the second clip is that the task intends to have its report completed by February. This is because the task force intends to present their findings to the SBC executive committee at the executive committee February meeting. Reading between the lines from Dr. Hunt’s comments I get the sense that the task force is not yet working of a draft of whatever it is they are going to present.

  2. Ken   •  

    I was able to listen to the full audio. At first I was skeptical when the GCR TF came out. My skepticism was due to the fact that I thought they would never go as far as I felt needed to achieve the goal of reaching the ethne. I just thought there would be empty suggestions that go no where.
    What I heard from Al and Danny here was amazing. My skepticism has changed to hope and I am truly excited about the possibility for our churches seeking to reach the nations no matter where they live.

  3. Roger K. Simpson   •  

    I discovered that there was a problem with the version of my media viewer. I recently installed Windows 7 on my machine. It is working great! However, for whatever reason, the old media viewed had a few glitches in it when running under Win 7. For example, one of the two audio clips played fine but the other one didn’t.

    This moring I put in the latest Quicktime plugin on Win7 and everything is OK.

    I think the biggest structural challenge facing the task force is the situation with church plants in the USA. The Byzantine division of labor between local churches, associations, state conventions, and the NAMB has got to be fixed.

    Someone is going to have to set me straight. I don’t know why it is not “obvious” that the NAMB should spin off USA/Canada church planting to state conventions.

    The NAMB could then concentrate on evangelism activities such as GPS. Funds flowing to the NAMB for church planting would no longer be needed there. People at the NAMB currently doing church planting could start to work under the aegis of the state conventions over a phased-in timeframe.

    During this time of change there could be some strategic alliances between “old line” and “pioneer” state conventions during a transition period (say five years). For example, maybe the BGCO could set up a branch office in Missoula MT. I don’t necessarily mean a physical brick-and-morter office up there. Instead we could have some type of onging relationship to share the task of recruitment, training, and support for church planting activities.

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