Atheists and Your Post-Rapture Pets

In a very morbid kind of way, I found this quite humorous. This is a group of atheists who, for a modest fee, agree to take care of your un-souled pets in case of the rapture. Of course, if the rapture did occur I do wonder if these atheists would have the presence of mind to be concerned about your pet. They might be kind of rattled. And if they did persist on in unbelief… would they really be conscientious enough to care for your pet? If they didn’t, who would sue them? You aren’t there to hold them accountable, and they don’t really believe there’s a God to hold them accountable…

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  1. Fletcher Law   •  

    In my logical view cats would be quickly cast into the lake of fire with immediate complaints from bound up demons. Cats must be descended from the serpant.
    If it is a historical pre-mil rapture my pugs would try to get all of the attention, sniff and lick the andgels and saints and then demand to be fed.
    I do not think I will need the atheist services.

  2. Not Surprised   •  

    Bennie Hinn should promote this service- he would really rake it in!

  3. Matt   •  

    Of course there would be Lawyers around to sue them–everyone knows that lawyers will still be here!

    That being said, they won’t have to sue on my behalf as I will not be buying into that scheme. Though, I must admit it has a certain ingenuity to it.

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