Baptist Messenger Launches Insight Podcast Ministry

One of the more helpful ministries that the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina used to provide was podcast interviews with various Southern Baptist pastors, denominational servants, and other leaders. (In the interest of full disclosure, me and my fellow BtT contributors were periodic contributors to those podcasts, which are still available at this website.) I’m pleased that Doug Baker will be doing similar podcasts now that he is working with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. The Baptist Messenger has launched a new podcast ministry called Insight. Check out the snazzy new website. The first two podcasts are already up: an interview with Chuck Colson and Timothy George on The Faith: What It Is and Is Not and an interview with several theologians and younger pastors titled “Emerging” Southern Baptists: The ECM Comes to Nashville.

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  1. Roger K. Simpson   •  

    These podcasts are great! I was wondering if (or when) Doug would be hosting podcasts here in his new position in Oklahoma like he did in North Carolina. I look forward to more of these excellent podcasts. It is an excellent way for us to find out what various people in SBC life are thinking.

    I believe that successful implementation of whatever the GCR taskforce comes up with is contingent on good communications and a “shared vision”. So far there has been quite a bit of discussion of the motivation for the task force and a shared understanding of some of the problems we face — such as declining baptisms, paltry CP giving for missions, etc.

    A helpful next step would be discussion of TANGIBLE things that the task force could do. Discussing this topic with various people in SBC life — either task force members or not — would be an excellent topic for upcoming podcasts.

    Roger Simpson — Oklahoma City

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