Wise Counsel on Coping with “Evil-Speaking”

This sage advice comes from Charles Simeon, the great 19th century Anglican evangelical:

1st – To hear as little as possible what is to the prejudice of others.

2nd – To believe nothing of the kind till I am absolutely forced to it.

3rd – Never to drink into the spirit of one who circulates an ill report.

4th – Always to moderate, as far as I can, the unkindness which is expressed towards others.

5th – Always to believe, that if the other side were heard, a very different account would be given of the matter.

From Hugh Evan Hopkins, Charles Simeon of Cambridge (Eerdmans, 1977), p. 134.

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  1. Tony Gulbrandsen   •  

    I think the first point should read “to hear” not “to here”.

    Good stuff.

  2. Nathan Finn   •     Author

    It has been changed. Thanks, Tony.

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