Testimonial about “Christmas in August”

Editor’s Note: We at BtT would like to thank all of those churches and entities who participated in the Christmas in August drive to raise funds for the IMB. We have received letters from more than a few missionaries and missionary candidates, and decided to post portions of one of them below. Although this particular letter is written in the form of a thank you to SEBTS, we know that in spirit it is also a thank you to all of our churches and entities who participated.

Dear Drs. Akin, Ashford and Nelson,

I am an online student at SEBTS and I have had the privilege to take classes from each of you and listen to your messages in the chapel podcast. It was my hope to attend SEBTS on campus, but the Lord had other plans.

I was one of the IMB career missionary candidates put on hold this year due to lack of Lottie Moon and Cooperative Program giving. When I heard of how sacrificially the students and staff at SEBTS gave during Christmas in August, it gave me great joy and hope that my appointment would not be delayed by a year or more.

Because of Christmas in August and prayer, I and many other candidates who were put on hold are now being appointed in November. Instead of a year or more additional delay, I now only have a delay of three months to get on the field.

I am going to Central Asia, to a people group that has been persecuted by Muslims and Communists. There is no gospel in their language yet; I hope, with God’s grace and wisdom, to remedy that! But time is so short in this country and its government unstable, getting on the field as soon as possible is vital. That was what was so devastating when I was put on hold indefinitely. Praise God that is not the case now!

I thank-you for the passion you have for Christ and your ceaseless support of the Great Commission. I am so thankful to be a student at SEBTS. I hope that I can attend on campus when I return from the field after my first three years.

Thank-you for your love for His Church and the unreached peoples,


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