A Model of Christian Scholarly Dialog

The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies at Southern Seminary recently hosted their annual conference. This year’s topic was “Baptist Spirituality: Historical Perspectives.” Much of the conference audio is available online. I want to particularly recommend that you take the time to listen to the dialog between Michael Haykin and Malcolm Yarnell titled “Reformed and Anabaptist: Strengths and Shortcomings of Two Traditions.” Though they disagree concerning elements of Baptist identity and the best way to resource some of our theological forebearers, their discussion is a model for Christian scholarly dialog. Furthermore, it becomes clear that, real differences notwithstanding, what these two brothers share in common is greater than those issues wherein they differ. As someone who resonates with Dr. Haykin’s soteriological convictions, but shares many commonalities with Dr. Yarnell when it comes to Baptists’ varied theological roots, I was pleased to hear them engage in this very fruitful conversation about Baptist history and identity. I commend it to you.

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