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From Stephen Holmes, a Baptist theologian on the divinity faculty at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland:

Whilst humility is remembered as a theological virtue, conservatism will remain an appropriate theological stance, and historical theology, which is to say the patient, careful and respectful study of the writings of the doctors of the Church, will continue to be a central part of theological work.

Stephen R. Holmes, Listening to the Past: The Place of Tradition in Theology (Paternoster, 2002), 164.

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  1. Bill Nettles   •  

    Not being one who reads much “old” style English, I’m uncertain of his “whilst.” Is he saying “As long as humility is considered a theological virtue,” or “Even though humility is considered a theological virtue?” Or is there another proper understanding of the first clause?


  2. Nathan Finn   •     Author

    Bill, he’s saying somethign akin to, “As long as.”


  3. Jason Lewis   •  

    Ernest T. Bass also uses this word in the sense of “at the same time as” on the Andy Griffith show when he says, “I talk through my nose so I can talk whilst I eat.” I hope this is helpful. ;) I am so glad that the comments were opened up on here a few months ago. ;)

  4. Bruce Ashford   •  

    Jason Lewis, thank you for your contribution to the conversation. I guess each person contributes at the level at which they are capable. Grin.

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