Taylor, Carson, and Mahaney: The Foolishness of the Cross and Church-Planting Strategies

Justin Taylor has provided a fantastic little mini-post, “The Foolishness of the Cross and Church-Planting Strategies.” In the post, he refers to D. A. Carson’s book, The Cross and Christian Ministry, and to C. J. Mahaney’s post, “Cross-Centered Books.” The jist of Carson’s book as well as both blogposts is that success in church planting and other endeavors depends primarily upon our faithfulness to the gospel rather than upon sociological analysis or strategic planning. We at BtT recommend the book and the blogposts.

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  1. Nathan   •  

    Great post…such a critical message that I can tell you while on the field in these early days is so tempting to abandon in order to simply gather a crowd…good word.

  2. Bill Nettles   •  

    I led a Wed. night study which utilized Carson’s book. Many of the church members could recognize in our church members and elders the aspects that he encourages. Those of us who were older could also cite experiences with churches that followed other principles.

    Bottom line from experience: Building a church around faithfulness to the Gospel results in a body of stronger disciples who have a deep love for Christ and each other. It’s worth the wait.

  3. Bruce Ashford   •     Author

    Bill, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I enjoy your weblog… and by the way, has anybody told you that you teach at a great university? you do.

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