One of my earliest memories of my first semester at SEBTS involved a trip to a university in our state with a brand new seminary student named J. D. Greear. J.D. and I hit it off immediately once he enrolled in my first evangelism class. He took me that September to his college alma mater where I spoke to a large group of students meeting weekly in a Bible study he started.

That night I met a senior named Bruce Ashford, a zealous young man with the frame of bamboo and the sharp mind of an aspiring young philosopher. Bruce soon came to Southeastern and another lifelong friendship was forged between a new professor and a young leader. Bruce and I shared a penchant for itinerant ministry and for understanding both the Word of God and the world in which we live, and helping the church to intersect both.

Ashford went on to be an early 2 plus 2 MDiv student, heading to the former Soviet Union to proclaim Christ. Upon his return he earned a PhD in Theology at SEBTS.

Recently Dr. Ashford became the Dean of The College at Southeastern. He immediately led in the implementation of a series of minors and other moves that made the college transfer friendly and more accessible to a greater span of prospective students while maintaining our commitment to linking the Word and the world through the Great Commission. I would argue our missions degree is the best undergrad anywhere. I am honored and excited to head our focus in student ministry with our minor in student ministry featuring a six hour internship.

Southeastern recently produced an excellent video at our website where Dean Ashford introduces the college. Click here to view the video.

We are not for everyone. We want the radicals, the special ops, those who are ready to change the world for the glory of God and the sake of the gospel. I travel and minister with young men who are students or graduates of The College (Chad Lister, Josh Reid, Tyler Mount, etc). But at a time when according to one survey state university enrollment increased about 15 percent over 15 years while evangelical school enrollment increased over 70 percent, we are ready to train a group of young men and women who, to quote John Wesley, “fear nothing but God and hate nothing but sin.” With such, Wesley said, “I will storm the gates of hell and set up the Kingdom of God on the earth,:

Dr. Bruce Ashford is no doubt one of the youngest deans in the country at age 34. His beautiful wife Lauren is expecting their first child (I had just a tiny bit to do with those two getting together, and I have told Bruce he owes me many times!). I am truly honored to serve with Bruce as a colleague and have committed much of my time as a professor to serve in the college. To find out more about the degrees we offer, click here.

By the way, if you are looking for a great speaker at your youth or college event, Dr. Ashford is the man. From preaching the gospel to teaching how to understand a movie, he will help your students learn with wit, humor, depth, and passion. He has led the growth of our remarkable 20/20 Collegiate Conference, and before becoming Dean he led our Center for Great Commission Studies.

Come see us at Southeastern. Come meet Dean Bruce Ashford. Send us your students, and let’s change the world.

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    In the words of Larry Boy: “Bamboo! Bamboo!”

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