Speaking Prophetically to Our Culture

Recently I put these two video clips on my blog… and got some pretty interesting reaction. Some thought it was inauthentic; some that it was misdirected and an underhanded political shot. What is the role of the church in speaking prophetically to the culture?

My .02 is that this kind of stuff makes us insanely unpopular, but part of what we must do if we are to fulfill God’s purposes for us. It was talking this way that caused John the Baptist to get his head cut off, and caused Elijah to be hunted down by Ahab. God give us courage to say what we must say, the humility to say it without judgmentalism, and the love to speak up for the weak. Let us always do so with a crushing air of humility about us, and the tenderness toward sinners Jesus had.

Here’s another one by Bono, talking about our obligation to the poor of the world:

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