FAQ Concerning the GCR Declaration

Since the GCR Declaration was originally published a couple of weeks ago, there have been numerous attempts to interpret the statement. Many have read the document through the lens of Danny Akin’s now-famous “Axioms” sermon, a message which Dr. Akin and others admit inspired the GCR Declaration. Others have focused on parsing particular phrases in the statement: the word “sufficient” in Article V, for example, has been exegeted by many commentators because of the way some have used that term in recent years. Still others have raised concerns about what particular articles might mean. This is especially true of Article IX, which has provoked a number of different responses, some quite surprising (at least to me).

As of this morning a FAQ section has been added to the official GCR website. Reading through the questions and answers, I think this new section does a fine job of addressing some of the most persistent questions (and concerns) about the Declaration. It will likely not satisfy all the concerns of all Southern Baptists (as if such a thing were possible!). But I think it will help all of us to better understand the intention of the GCR Declaration and gain more clarity in our attempts to interpret the statement. Such clarity will only help us as we continue to pursue a Great Commission Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention.

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