1. Paul   •  

    Is that Joel Osteen standing in the middle of those people?

  2. Nathan Finn   •     Author

    How could you tell it was Joel? Did the toothy smile give it away?

  3. Micah Fries   •  

    no, I’m guessing the mullet gave it away…

  4. shane   •  

    you guys should really publish this, making the inside all about false conversion and Christ’s true call to “take up your cross and follow.”

    great post

  5. Dave Miller   •  

    Its a good thing we are promised “Our Best Life Now” because these folks don’t have long to wait.

  6. volfan007   •  


    Now, that’s funny.


  7. Carrie Pickelsimer   •  

    Ha! I think you may be on to something here, Nathan! But maybe it should read: “I love me and have a wonderful plan for my life. But God loves me more and has a bigger purpose for my life.”

  8. Joe Blackon   •  

    It’s so sad how some believers have forgotten that this is what we’re called to as Christians. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Jared Neal   •  

    Love it…absolutely love it, Nathan!

  10. From the Middle East   •  

    Brother Nathan,

    I’d like a gross!

    Peace to you brother,
    From the Middle East

  11. Heath Lloyd   •  

    Is this what you seminary guys call “missional”?

  12. Kevin Peacock   •  

    “For I know the plans I have for you . . .”

  13. Nathan Saunders   •  

    If this were a Chick tract the lion would turn out to be a Mormon Freemason who gets saved, primarily because these Roman Christians used only the King James Version in their evangelistic efforts.

    Great Post, Dr. Finn.

  14. Brenda Rydberg   •  

    I agree with Carrie Pikelsimer. The subtitle she suggests is catching, powerful, and thought provoking. The picture in combination with the current subtitle could be taken as a mockery of Christianty. That is how it spoke to me until I saw who was doing it and why. The picture in combination with Carrie’s suggest comment puts it in better perspective and gives less oportunity for slander. Her suggested subtitle pierced my selfish heart and, I believe, says it all. Thank you Carrie. You got it right!

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