A Romp through the Curricular Corridors of C@SE

We at BtT would like to take you on a brief, lively and thought-provoking romp through the new and expanded curriculum at The College at Southeastern.

This week, the college announced twelve new minors: Apologetics, Biblical Studies, English, History, Humanities, Mission, Music, Organizational Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, Preaching, Student Ministry, and Theology. These minors are in addition to its eight majors.

Why does this matter? It matters because now you, or somebody you know, have the opportunity to choose from 20 majors and minors while studying at a world-class college. These majors and minors are diverse in their subject matter, but have one thing in common: all of them are taught in a manner that is theologically-driven and ministry-driven.

Who teaches at the college? Students have the opportunity to study with more than 50 faculty members at The College at Southeastern. Classroom instructors include such men and women as Danny Akin, Alvin Reid, Nathan Finn, J. D. Greear, Steve McKinion, and Amanda Aucoin. These men and women are faithful to the Scriptures, and excel in their disciplines, having published over 150 books. In 2008, the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index named Southeastern as #3 on their “Top 20 Specialized Research Universities (Theology)” list.

What are some student accomplishments? Students at Southeastern have gone on to be pastors, student pastors, missionaries, teachers, entrepreneurs, professors, homemakers, administrators, evangelists, and much more. Those who have gone on to graduate school have been accepted into Master’s and Ph.D. programs at Oxford, Duke, Southeastern, UNC-Chapel Hill, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Boston College, and many more.

What does Southeastern have to offer in the way of extra-curricular activity? The College at Southeastern is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. We offer coffee houses, college nights out, and intramural sports such as: basketball, football, volleyball, X-Box, and Ultimate Frisbee. We do not offer Graeco-Roman wrestling, as we believe unitards are not natural. However, we do compete in international sports: Each year, we take sports teams overseas to compete against colleges and semi-professional teams in Asia. Finally, we offer mission trips to Europe, Asia, and Africa on a regular basis.

What is the bottom line? Students who graduate from The College at Southeastern will have been exposed to a world-class faculty, a cutting-edge curriculum, and a warm and vibrant student body. They will have joined the 2,600 students on our campus in studying the depths of God’s Word and his world, and will be prepared to speak and defend God’s Word, wherever they have opportunity, whether here in the United States or across the globe.

How do I contact Southeastern, immediately, for more information? You may call 800.284.6317 or click here. If you would like to speak with us at the SBC, we will have a booth.

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  1. Mark Owens   •  

    Truly exciting Bruce!

  2. Jason Lewis   •  

    I certainly hope you guys have added Graeco-Roman wrestling by the time my kids grow up, that is one of the essentials we are looking for in a quality, high-class education for them.

  3. alvin reid   •  

    Very helpful and encouraging article. Just talked to some students who are finishing their applications for the fall! Excited to be a part of this!

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