Announcement: Baptist 21 Panel at SBC

The guys at Baptist21 beg to differ. While there are some who have lost hope for getting younger Southern Baptists (and their pastors) more involved in the SBC, B21 sees a strong future for our network of churches. It is for this reason that B21will be sponsoring a panel discussion during this summer’s convention.

Several key leaders will form the panel, including Daniel Akin (SEBTS), Ed Stetzer (Lifeway), and Daniel Montgomery (Sojourn Community Church). B21 will be moderating the panel discussion, which will be held at Sojourn (930 Mary St., Louisville, KY 40204).

The panel will discuss the present and future of the SBC, including such topics such as: the benefits of cooperation, commendable aspects of the SBC, things that need to change in the SBC, how we may involve younger Southern Baptists, how we can move forward, and others.

For more information, and to watch an Ed Stetzer promo video for this event, click here.

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  1. Barry Wallace   •  

    My pastor is attending the convention this year. I’ve told him about this event, and hope he can make it.

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