Screwtape on the Southern Baptist Convention

Trevin Wax, who blogs at Kingdom People, is consistently one of the most insightful voices among younger Southern Baptists. He is also a humble man who is a genuine joy to be around. In one of the most convicting (and cleverest) posts I have ever read, Trevin imagines how Screwtape would counsel Wormwood to “handle” the SBC. I do not throw the term around lightly, but “Screwtape on the Southern Baptist Convention” is a must-read for everyone who cares about the future of our network of Baptist churches.

One snippet of note:

Of course, the most important work you can do is keep them from the gospel. I shudder to think of its power. It has proved to be unstoppable in so many cases that I hate to even mention it. You must keep them from reflecting on the gospel, proclaiming the gospel, and living according to the gospel.

The fact that we lost the battle over the Book almost caused me to lose hope. But we still have a chance. The gospel and the cursed Commission are the tools the Enemy has used against us all these years. You will do well to make sure that these Baptists focus on everything else.

Please stop what you are doing, jump over to Trevin’s blog, and take three or four minutes to read “Screwtape on the Southern Baptist Convention.”

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