B. B. Warfield on John Calvin

This years marks John Calvin’s 500th birthday. Calvin’s life and legacy are being celebrated through conferences, symposia, books, articles, and lectures all over the world. You can learn about how some (mostly Reformed) evangelicals are celebrating Calvin’s legacy by checking out the Calvin 500 website. In the blogosphere, there is also a Calvin 500 blog and the contributors to Reformation 21 are blogging through Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. There is also loads of Calvinalia available at Monergism.com, an online clearing house, if you will, for all kinds of “Reformedish” stuff.

I want to draw special attention to a great introductory resource related to Calvin, especially for those who are collegians, seminarians, or interested pastors. In 1909 Princeton Theological Seminary theologian Benjamin Breckenridge Warfield gave three public lectures to commemorate Calvin’s 400th birthday. Those lectures were subsequently published together as Calvin as a Theologian and Calvinism Today (Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1909). You can read each of the three addresses online by clicking on the following links:

Calvin as a Theologian

The Theology of John Calvin

Calvinism Today

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