Upcoming Conference: The Politics of Jesus

The Politics of Jesus

On October 9-10 at FBC-Durham (NC), the North Carolina Baptist State Convention will be hosting a conference The Politics of Jesus: Timeless Answers for Today’s Questions. Headlining the conference are SEBTS’ very own David Nelson and Nathan Finn, along with C. Ben Mitchell, Greg Thornbury, Andy Davis, and Ken Fentress.

Nelson, a brilliantly crotchety polymath who has spent time thinking about nearly everything, will be presenting on “Adorning our Savior’s Teaching: How the Gospel Matters for Public Life.” Finn, who has recently committed several acts of literature, including Domestic Slavery Considered as a Scriptural Institution, will be presenting on “The Pulpit and the Public Square: Some Observations from the Ministry of Charles Haddon Spurgeon.”

The remaining plenary topics, as well as registration information and the schedule of events may be accessed at http://www.politicsofjesus2008.com/.

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